Importance of Laws in Society

Importance of Laws in Society

Every human being is aware of the importance of laws in a society. Although people are not aware of the whole significance of laws, but the government also realizes the importance of laws in a society. In order to build and sustain a society, the citizens must be well-organized society is built on laws. When we talk about laws, it means the political codes, the civil codes and other regulations and statutes that provide for the activities of the government.

The laws of today are different from those of the past. In the past, a law was a legal enactment enacted by the government. However, today, a law is an amendment or a change in the existing legal enactment. You can also get more information about how to take SARMsĀ 

Every law has two aspects that go hand in hand. There is one aspect which defines the basic characteristics of the law and then there is another aspect which states the purpose of the law. It is necessary to understand both aspects so that we can have a clear idea about the importance of laws.

It is a complex issue for any citizen of any country to study the legal provisions of his country. Government has always wanted to make it easier for the citizens to study the laws.

During the past several years, the Constitution and Law Ministry have started drafting new laws which are now getting approval from the people of India. Many amendments were made by the parliament so that more citizens understand the importance of laws in a society.

Many people criticize these negative changes, but they fail to understand the positive amendments introduced in the Indian society. These amendments will make it easy for the citizens to understand the importance of laws.

Some of the positive changes include redefining the meaning of the word corruption. It is true that there are many benefits from corruption but this should not be confused with bribery or any dishonest activity.

If a corrupt person makes a law against corruption, he will help the people to fight corruption. Therefore, it is not true that if a law is introduced against corruption, the society will become free from corruption. Every society needs laws to keep it clean and one can find out many organizations and human rights movements which fights for the respect of law and also fights for the poor and other social sectors that get affected by the corrupt practices.

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