Month: October 2021

Helping Students Pay For Education

The Federal Pell Grant now offers a unique new scholarship Program for education that is unlike any other program. While earlier programs provided limited amounts of money to undergraduates in order to pay for their education, the 2021 Pell Grant has expanded its scholarship opportunities to allow almost any undergraduate student to apply for funding. […]

Playing Online Games For Kids Can Be Fun Too

Playing Online Games For Kids Can Be Fun Too

Some say yes and others say no. In moderation, online games for kids may be helpful. The advantages range from increasing a child’s skill in the virtual environment, developing social awareness, enhancing the child’s ability to successfully navigate and work a computer, developing analytical and logical mindedness, improving emotional intelligence, and helping in developing the […]

Pros Vs Cons of Gaming

Whether you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, or trying to improve your computer skills, free online games can be a great option to consider. You may not have heard of some of the free online games, but if you search around you will see they are everywhere. Why not take […]