Health Benefits of Using N95 Masks

Health Benefits of Using N95 Masks

Are there really benefits of using N95 masks at work? It may surprise you to learn that they do offer some advantages to those working in medical environments. While many studies comparing the two types of respirators, Surgical and N95, have yet to produce conclusive results (for instance, only a few studies comparing N95 masks with N95 respirators), most surveys have shown that either type significantly reduces the risk of developing occupational infections among healthcare workers. Click here for more information about buy N95 mask

One 2020 research reviews by Chinese researchers, therefore, examined five trials comparing Surgical N95 respirators and found that, after adjusting for factors such as age and gender, the results showed that the N95 was “significantly effective” in reducing occupational infections. Some of the benefits include: reduced respiratory illness rates, increased patient satisfaction, an increase in compliance to healthcare worker safety standards and increased hospital stays. However, there were also some possible disadvantages. In this review, it was concluded that there was “some evidence” that the use of N95 respirators may be increasing the number of days off work due to infections.

However, another study in Japan also found that N95 respirators were more effective when compared to disposable masks. It was also concluded that N95 respirators were not necessarily less expensive than disposable masks, as other studies had reported an increased number of hospital days and patients receiving less healthcare with disposable masks, as well. Another disadvantage of the N95 was that it tended to restrict the airway, which can be potentially dangerous to those with allergies and asthma, especially in patients suffering from COPD or emphysema.

The benefits, however, still outweigh the disadvantages. Respiratory problems caused by common diseases such as flu, hepatitis, influenza and pneumonia are not eliminated with N95s, while the additional protection against infections can save lives. In fact, respiratory problems caused by these common diseases account for nearly a third of occupational deaths worldwide.

Overall health benefits from wearing either type of respirator include lower chances of developing chronic respiratory illnesses and conditions. The study also shows that the increased compliance rate can lead to improved hospital and nursing home care, thus reducing healthcare costs.

Benefits from either type of respirator may not be immediate, and some people may not find them particularly desirable, especially during the summer season. However, they are definitely worth the money that they cost. Although both types of respirators are available in a wide range of brands, N95 respirators are preferred by many healthcare workers for their cost-effective solution to respiratory infections.

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